Our Ethics


Our casting process lends us the ability to reuse precious metals towards a new piece of jewelry. This allows us to not extract more minerals from an abundance supply which is around us whilst also having a positive attribute to your budget.


Environmentalism isn’t a trend. Material sourcing, packaging and the longevity of the finished jewelry pieces are all a part of our design process. We consider not just how a material will hold up in daily wear, but how easily it can be recycled in the future.

Through auctions we are able to source gemstones, diamonds, coloured gemstones and metals that were previously owned and are verified by gemmological experts. Clients can also bring in precious metals to use as credit towards a piece of jewellery and in turn, creating new pieces.

 All of this allows us not to rely on supply chain. One of our suppliers, Hoover & Strong take pride themselves in using 100% recycled materials and we couldn't ask for a better company to work with to help grow our sustainability model.

Recycling doesn't just stop at materials, our studio share the same standards for clean and healthy spaces. We make a continual effort to find alternatives for chemicals and processes that can be toxic or wasteful, and we are always improving.



We love working with clients that bring in an heirloom, not only do we get to dive deeper into the history and story of our clients to help inspire the design process, we are able to use various techniques to form and create a new piece of jewelry with similar aesthetics from the old one.


Being a small Canadian business we know that we can’t single-handedly change the world, but we can apply practices within our functions and by having the belief that other artisans and other large companies can apply these practices; we can make a difference. Our progressive design process allows us to create objects of lasting value with minimal environmental impacts, from mine to market. We strive for our beliefs to shine through all of our business practices – from incorporating environmentally low-impact practices in our workshop, to supporting our fellow artisans. We support workers rights within all aspects of our supply chain, as well as being part of the Fairtrade Goldsmith licensee program.



We abide by the Kimberly process to remain conflict free.