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COVID-19 Prevention

COVID-19 Prevention

With the opening of non-essential retail businesses with a street entrance being allowed form May 11th we want to highlight that although we will gradually ease back into deliverable services, we will not be returning back to "normal" as we feel that it is socially responsible to implement strategies that protect our stakeholders being you, our employees & the community until an effective medical solution is discovered. If you are feeling unwell then we want you to stay at home & to reschedule any appointment you have booked with us.

As usual, you can only visit us if you have a previously booked appointment as we run a by appointment only design studio.

The only "in person" service we will be offering is curb side material trade in's and/or product pick up under the following procedures, all other services we offer are being facilitated online:

  • When you have arrived to our store wait by the bench in which is directly opposite and notify us that you have arrived by email to
  • We will place a container containing alcohol outside the store within the taped boundary (If you have chemical sensitivity then please let us know ahead of time).
  • Once the container has been placed outside by us you're welcome to approach the container.
  • Please remove all of your trade in items from any packaging and place them in the container.
  • When everything is in the container take a photo of everything, we will do the same for accountability.
  • We will then take the items into our studio and proceed to weigh & price the items based on what they visually appear to be before testing them.
  • For clients who wish to, we are offering to Zoom the entire process for accountability & transparency with your video off, let us know ahead of time if you wish to use this service so we can schedule it. This conversation will be recorded via the software for quality assurance & security.
  • We will contact you immediately via email to confirm the cash and/or gift card price and then we will test your items upon your confirmation.
  • We use a nitric acid test in which is a destructive test where we file into the surface of the material. If items come back as an inconclusive or false result then we will return them cleaned but not restored.
  • Once we have tested everything to be accurate we will then either issue a gift card or e-transfer the total amount to the email address in which we have corresponded with you by, let us know if you wish to have it sent to a different email address.
  • We will then sanitized & return any pieces in which are not traded in to you in front of the store.

What we are doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when processing your product:

  • Before working on your order we sanitize all working areas your order will come into contact with.
  • We are using a non medical mask & face shield.
  • We are using sanitized gloves that have not come into with our faces nor any other surfaces other than the sanitized one we are working on for your order.

Stay happy & healthy,

The Malleable Jewellers Team

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